My subject matter is memory and emotion.

In my current series of “earthworks” paintings I explore this idea through depictions of changing land and sea formations as seen across distant horizons. Our ability to both see and comprehend the profoundness of this phenomenon finds expression here in mixed media renderings on wood panels of light, color and texture above and below shifting horizons lines.

I juxtapose surfaces that are high gloss and opaque, to both  hide and reveal shadow shapes of past land forms. This simultaneously allows  us to see and imagine what lies above and below the surface lines.


Today, the  implication of shifting strata related to global warming and rise in sea levels resurrects my memory of what once was and what is to come, holding within it  the power to reshape my perception of past and future. Growing up on a beach as I did in the 1950’s through the early 1970’s, shaped my  intuitive understanding of color as related to the shifting daily hues across vast ocean skies. The palette I mix to this day harkens back to  childhood memories of  a fixed sunrise and sunset horizon which contained the constant motion of  sand sea and sky. This precious palette surprisingly resurfaced for me on a recent trip I took to Alaska. I saw in the disintegrating ice formations and rising waters, similar  deep color cues of surf breaking and  sand receding. I was consumed with emotion and it gave me an even deeper understanding of what these very real shifts in our environment will mean. 

Across the metaphorical and physical landscapes of our lives, we must imagine and consider a future as we remember what grounded our past. While I render what I feel is  beautiful in these land, sea, and sky paintings, I offer them also as road maps of what has already environmentally come to pass. They can serve to remind us that the beauty we see today may well become a fleeting memory if we do not respect the forces of change and act to protect against its most devastating affects. In recognizing all aspects of these changes, we stand witness to our very existence and in this we honor our changing world.